Mobile Dent Repair Prices Perth Western Australia

Price Guide

Every dent is different, so there is no standard price for dent repair. That said, our prices are affordable and will save you time and money compared to panel shop repairs. Here are a few ways you benefit…

Quick Quotes.  Please call us or use the website’s contact form to request a quote. A photo will help us give an accurate quote… and once we discuss the dent with you, we’ll give you a quick quote.

No Hidden Costs. Our experienced technicians have completed thousands of dent repairs. As a result, we are able to give you an accurate quote with no hidden costs.

Affordable. Compared to other repair options, Dent Man saves you money! In nearly all cases, our services cost less than your insurance excess.

Cost-Effective. Remember, we come to you, so there’s no need to travel to a panel beater and no need to find an alternative car. You won’t lose your car to a panel shop for days or weeks. Without a doubt, we save you time and money!

Call 0422 537 618 (South of the River) / OR 0425 866 721 (North of the River) / to request a quote or make a booking.