Mobile Car Body Repairs – Dings

Dents and Dings – Same Day Repairs

Dent Man offers mobile car body repairs for dings and dents in the Perth Metro area.

“Dings” VS. Other Dents

The term “Dings” generally refers to car dents of a small size – the size of a 50 cent coin or smaller. These dings are often quite sharp and pointy. Despite this, Dent Man’s experienced technicians can repair most dings quickly and easily. “Other” dents may be larger in size and vary in shape. We can repair these too! Click here for other Perth dent repair information.

“Dings” – Common Causes

  • Falling Tree Nuts/Branches Gum Nuts
  • Flying debris during wind gusts
  • Flying road debris during driving
  • Shopping Trolley Damage
  • General Wear and Tear
  • Vandalism

Call Today for Car Ding Repairs in Perth WA

Ding repairs and other mobile car body repairs can take place at your home or work. Dings can be repaired in just an hour or two, so there’s no need to find alternative transport. Simply give us a call to book a date and time. Alternatively, send a photo of your car’s dings and dents via our contact form or by SMS or MMS.

Call 0422 537 618 (South of the River) / OR 0425 866 721 (North of the River) / to request a quote or make a booking.