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Dent Man F.A.Q.

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Common Questions

How Long Does a Repair Take?

Most of our appointments last about 1 hour. That said, each car’s damage is different. The total time required will depend on the number of dents, their size and their location on the car body. Each of these factors determine the difficulty (and therefore time required) of the dent removal process. For a more accurate time and price estimate, give us a call.

Will the Repair be 100% Perfect?

Because we only accept jobs we know we can repair, our success rate is high. 9 times out of 10, our repair will be 100% – and no one would ever know the panel was previously damaged. The other 1 time out of 10, the repair will be a massive improvement and will still be a cost-effective end result compared with more expensive panel shop repairs. Please give us a call to discuss the extend of your car’s damage and we’ll put your mind at ease.

Will the Dent Pop Back in Again?

No. Once repaired, the dent will stay fixed. All repairs are permanent.

My Car Has a Very Old Dent – Can You Still Repair It?

Yes. Please call us to discuss further.

My Car’s Paint is Cracked or Chipped – Can You Fix It?

Because we use “paintless” PDR techniques, our technicians cannot repair broken, chipped, scratched or otherwise damaged paint. We do, however, team up with other businesses who can do paint repairs. Paint repairs will incur an additional cost on top of our dent repairs. Please call us to discuss further.