Hail Damage & Dent Repairs Perth WA

Hail Damage Repairs and Dent Removal

Hail storms and cars definitely don’t mix! If your car is outdoors during a destructive hail storm, the damage can be heart breaking. The good news is, Dent Man is here to help!

PDR is The Right Choice for Hail Damage

  • Eliminates the need for expensive panel shop repairs.
  • No chemicals. No sanding and no grinding.
  • Zero painting – no colour matching errors. Retains cars factory paintwork.

For Individuals

Depending on the level of hail damage, we can often help after a hail storm. Please call us to discuss repairs to your hail damaged car. We’ll need to know the exact number of hail dents and their location on your vehicle. For better assessment, please send us photos of the hail damage on your car.

For Insurance Companies

If you represent an insurance company, Dent Man can help in both hail damage assessment and in dent repairs. Our many years’ experience allow us to provide accurate assessment of what can and can’t be repaired using PDR. We also offer competitive pricing for hail dent removal.

Call 0422 537 618 (South of the River) / south@dentmanperth.com.au OR 0425 866 721 (North of the River) / north@dentmanperth.com.au to request a quote or make a booking.

For effective and affordable hail damage removal, give Dent Man a call or use our online contact form to get in touch.