Dent Repairs – Is Your Dent Repairable with PDR?

Every dent is different, so we’ll need to see your car before we can confirm whether or not repair is possible. If you’re not sure whether we can fix your car’s dent, it’s best to give us a call. To help you understand more, here are a few guidelines:

Can we fix your car dent?

Shallow versus Deep Dents. The shallower the dent, the better the chance of a perfect repair, even if the dent is quite large. A large dent that is round and shallow is typically easy to repair; however deeper, pointier dents may be un-repairable with PDR, even if they’re small. So keep in mind, dents that are very deep, or dents with deep creases may not result in a perfect repair.

Small versus Large Dents. We will repair most dents up to the size of a dinner plate. Repairs to larger dents are not possible with PDR tools. As a guide, a small dent would be the size of a 5 cent coin. A large dent would be the size of a dinner plate or large pizza!

Location of Dents. While we can repair almost any minor dent, some car parts are easier to repair than others. Dents that extend to the edges of a panel (for example the very edge of a door or car body section) may be un-repairable simply because we can’t get our PDR tools inside the compartment.

Repairs versus Improvements. In some cases, we will advise that PDR can significantly “improve” the dent, but won’t 100% repair the dent. Many people find this an acceptable solution because the improved dent is still undetectable to passers by… and, of course, the improvement is still much cheaper than a trip to the panel beater.

Paint Damage? If there is any paint damage – for example scratched, chipped, cracked or missing paint – please tell us in advance. While our PDR techniques can remove the dent, we cannot repair damaged paint. The good news is, we know people who can finish the job with mobile paint repair.

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